Backflow Prevention Testing & Certification

Lloyd Plumbing Corporation offers our clients an all-inclusive, managed backflow testing and certification program. Backflow devices protect your water system from contamination and must be annually tested and certified per the International Plumbing Code. LPC Service Technicians are certified back flow technicians and can help free up your facilities managers from dealing with untimely notices from your local water officials.


Benefits of the LPC Backflow Testing Division Program:

  • LPC maintains a calendar of your testing due-date and device details

We maintain detailed records of store locations, testing due dates, testing history, and certification paperwork.


  • LPC notifies your store manager two weeks prior to your device testing due date

Your store location will receive an email from us notifying you well in advance that  your testing due date is approaching, thus avoiding county/city notices that your water maybe shut off.


  • LPC schedules the testing date and time which best suits your locations

We can schedule your testing and certification around times best suited for your location and customer needs.


  • LPC tests all devices and will repair or replace any failed device

Testing is brief, but if there is any device that is in need of repair or replacement, we will return to repair or replace that device.


  • LPC handles the administrative paperwork

Different jurisdictions handle reporting differently. Our office knows the processes for each of these jurisdictions and will submit the test reports to the proper agency and send you a copy for your records. LPC will keep you in compliance with your local water authority.


LPC Takes care of all your Backflow Testing needs; from start to finish.

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